Sunday, 27 January 2013

Do you have a constant lamp in your journey?

Have you heard that song?  "Thy word is the lamb unto my feet and the light unto my path."
Beautiful song. Today, the Church celebrates BIBLE SUNDAY.  

I could still remember when I was a kid.  I always received an award for perfect attendance during the whole month of May Flores de Mayo.  Our chapel catechist was an excellent teacher.  Although I encountered many teachers from elementary to post graduate studies, no one can beat my non-professional teacher, our chapel catechist.  She was just so effective that we really looked forward for the Bible lessons as part of the Flores de Mayo activity.  I could still remember her using a picture Bible.  That was the only one in our place.

As a young kid, I was very familiar with stories in the Bible so much so that I don't anymore pay attention to the Sunday readings at our chapel because I know already the story.  

Fast forward, after more than 30 years, I could still remember those stories.  The Word of God has so much impact in my life that I became an altar boy until high school.  I entered the religious formation and became a brother.  When I left the convent, I continued to work as a director of the Campus Ministry Office.  The Word of God has become part of my life both personal and professional.  Even when I teach non-religious subjects, I still inculcate about God, about Jesus.  Where did I learn knowledge?  The Bible.

The Word of God has been the lamp in my journey.  It has guided me in my most difficult moments.  I might not be a regular reader but I make it sure to go to Church every Sunday to listen to His words.
Friends, get your Bible. Open, read, study  and pray over it.

"Other books were given for our information,  the BIBLE was given for our transformation"- The Defender.

May your dreams be blessed.

Randy T

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