Thursday, 21 March 2013

Who is your real boss?

by Randy Tudy
Our president, Benigno Aquino, delivered a very strong message during his first State of the Nation Address (SONA). “Kayo ang boss ko” (You are my boss).  Sure enough, he worked hard to listen and act on the sentiments of the people, at least on his own capacity.  These words were also used by activists to remind the president of his words noting the inconsistencies that are happening in the country.

One time  I accompanied my wife to her hometown.  She was the commencement speaker of her alma matter.  I happened to sit at table with a couple, Neneng and Nonong. Neneng is the principal of the school where my wife was to deliver her speech.  Nonong is a district supervisor.

In our conversation at table, there was something that they shared that caught my attention.  They said their boss is not the people they serve.  I began to wonder what kind of leadership philosophy they have knowing that they are working in the government under the Aquino administration.  They explained that their boss is not the people but God.
Boom!  Gotcha!  They further explained that if you put God as your boss all your actions will be for the good of the people under you.  You lead by example.  You guide them to become better, if not excellent. 

This prompted me to think of how other leaders practice genuine leadership.  If God is your boss, you will surely not allow corruption in your organization. If God is your boss, you will surely preach love, unity and peace. 

How I wish leaders of nations and even small organizations, or school for that matter, live up to this philosophy or we may call it principle of leadership.  God is our boss.  Everything follows according to His will.
It doesn't mean you will not follow the vision, mission and values of your organization.  God’s values are universal.  These can be applied in any organization.  Why?  Because the center of any kind of leadership is LOVE. 

If you lead with love, your boss is God.


  1. Well said Ran. It's true.. We have only one ultimate Boss and that is God. Thanks for the thoughts.

  2. Thank you madelle. To our Great boss be the glory.