Friday, 15 March 2013

Be still and know He is our God

by Randy Tudy

In this first homily as a pope, Pope Francis emphasized this message, "Without the cross we are no longer a disciples of Christ."

As Christians we look at the cross as a sign of inspiration.  However, we don't only see the cross as an outside symbol.  What the pope is saying is the carry our own crosses.
But what is really mean by carrying one's cross?  Is it carrying one's suffering?

As long as we believe and profess our faith, we experience hurdles, rejections and persecutions.   For instance, to work with honesty is a cross to carry when all others, like people in the workplace, are not honest.  

The pope addressed his message to the cardinals, bishops, priest and all Christians to carry the cross that Jesus carried.  It means humility.  It means serving the poor.  It means being honest.  It means being unselfish.  It means being true to one's identity as Jesus' followers.
However, it should not be taken as purely suffering when one carries his/her cross.  Just like the experience of the apostles in the middle of the sea who encountered a storm, Jesus would come. Amidst the storms of life, we are called by Jesus to be still.  This song below is calling us carriers of the cross to be still and know that there is God.

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