Saturday, 16 March 2013

How to deal with failed dreams?

by Randy Tudy

All of us experience failures in life. But it is more painful if your dreams fail.   

One of our neighbors was so frustrated.  They have money but none of her seven children finished college.  All of them married at young age.  She said she is a failure.  She had so much dreams for her children but nothing happened.

Some of my students did not pass the board examinations.  They said they are a failure.  Sometimes I will just tell them not to worry because ti doesn't need a license to be successful in life.
I also failed in my past relationship.  It was really painful.  I even questioned God about it.  My plans (and my dream) were all in place.  It didn't work.

So, what do we do when our dreams failed?    First, learn from this famous failures below:

What these people did after such failures?  Never gave up! These were the words of English Prime Minster Winston Churchill during a commencement exercise at Harrow School.

Why not give up?  Because God knows what is best for you.  Your failure is just a door for another opportunity.
I did mention about my failed relationship.  However, that failure opened a window for me to a beautiful, blessed and happy relationship.  Now, I'm happily married to my beautiful and almost perfect wife. I cannot ask for more.

For more enlightenment on dealing with failed dreams, CLICK and watch this VIDEO from my mentor Bo Sanchez.

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