Friday, 22 March 2013

How to live a genuine life as a Christian professional

by Randy Tudy
In my article entitled “What makes Christian professional truly Christian”, I posted the views of my online friends.

This time I would like to share the views of my other online friends on being a genuine Christian professional.  I am very happy and proud to post them here.

"For me it’s turning the other cheek when others don't...going the extra twice more than someone expects or asks....not tormenting your fellow coworkers like others sometimes do...loving people when others do not....not bullying....accepting others as they are and then telling them how or why your life is your belief in Jesus."

"To be a Christian is a title/position we hold and not a service that we perform. Whether be it in the office, home, or at the beach. It is who we are, based on our relationship with Christ. We are called to demonstrate Christ-like behavior in all areas of our lives. So we are by definition, exhibitors of Godly behavior. We don't have to "act with integrity" because "WE ARE PEOPLE OF INTEGRITY", so there is no other way to be. Neither do we have act with character, we are people of character. Our relationship defines who we are, not our acts, our services, or our profession."

"When he or she keeps in mind that the audience of heaven, GOD & HIS angels are listening & viewing all that we do & we still do what is right by HIS standards not our worldly learned ones no matter what the circumstances, situations, obstacles or behaviors being demonstrated, exhibited or exemplified because it pleases GOD and it is the right thing to do...."

"Even as Christian Professionals we are to maintain the standards GOD has put up & set in place for us to follow & abide by doing all things by & through L.O.V.E. (Living Omnipotently Victoriously Eternally-everlasting) embracing HIS kingdom mentality & identity HE has given us in the mind of CHRIST which we must allow & put on letting HIS mind permeate are entire being. It is the mind of CHRIST that is the catalyst of change in our life which that alters our identity into HIS as we trust, believe & depend on GOD for all things by being in expectation HE will give us the best of the best in all things..."

"I'm in Law School but I realize the challenges of maintaining a Christlike nature in during working life, education and beyond. To say law school's competitive is an understatement- it's like the Hunger Games. During lectures and tutorials, hardly anyone talks to each other out of competition. Our Christian lawyer small group has been trying to show Christ's love and concern to non-Christian lawyers but it can be hard- think "Turn the other cheek" and how Jesus was rejected."

"I think to truly be a Christian in a professional setting would be to realize the privilege of having an income stream and challenging (though at times tedious) work to do, and pray for the Lord's strength while on the job. It is through these things that the Lord encourages us to put our trust in Him and rely not on our own strength." 

Let us know also of your own view.  Write it on the comments  box below.

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