Monday, 25 February 2013

Simple ways to enjoy life
Have you heard someone commented, "Ang baba naman ng kaligayahan ng taong 'to!", literally translated as shallow happiness.  

I thought about the comment and tried to reflect if it was a negative or positive compliment.  I would rather focus on the positive one.  If little things can make me happy, I would continue enjoying them.  Before I used to bring some of my choir members to the beach where we had bonding time while smelling the freshness of the cool air and watching the moon and its reflection on the water.

Truly, I was enjoying life.  Just thinking about these experiences, I could relate to the joy of children playing in our neighborhood.  While writing this, I could hear their laughter.

There are many ways to enjoy life without looking for it somewhere else.  It's ok if people will tell us to have shallow level of happiness, after all it is still happiness.

God has given us everything to be happy.  His beautiful creation alone is a source of joy in many ways.The key is to discover God's blessings in our life.

Watch this video fro my mentor Bo Sanchez and learn how to enjoy life the easiest way.

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