Saturday, 9 February 2013

5 ways on how you can be a BLESSING expert?

While sitting with our school president during a break in our strategic planning session, he asked me to facilitate the retreat for the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.  “Brother?” was all I can respond before he assured me that he will provide all the necessary materials plus a help from another brother.  To make the long story short, I did say yes with only one week to prepare.

Naturally, I was in panic gathering my notes until I tumbled on an article from one of my mentors- Bo Sanchez.  It was about how to be a blessing expert. The rest was God’s inspiration and work.  I supposed it was a successful retreat.  The framework of the retreat revolved around the theme on  how to become a blessing expert.

 Well, what does it mean to be a blessing expert?

An expert refers to a person who excels in a particular field. For example, if you talk about laws, lawyers are considered experts on the law. Doctors of medicines are experts on wellness. And the list goes on.

A blessing expert…………

1. Identifies blessings.  A blessing expert is a person who can easily identifies a blessing, even the minute one. According to Bo Sanchez, if we want to live a happy and fantastic life we need to discover first the blessings that we have. How can we be happy if we don’t even know the blessings around us?

2. Receives blessings.  It might be a surprise to you but it is true that many people don’t know how to receive blessings. Most of God’s blessings are just within reach but people don’t recognize them.  There are some who are not comfortable receiving praises.  On the other hand, many are blind to recognize God’s blessings and therefore don’t receive them.  For example, how many people recognize the gift of life they receive every time they wake up?

3. Shows gratefulness. A blessing expert is thankful to all the blessings he/she receives.  His/her first prayer every morning  are the words, “Thank you, Lord.” 

4. Shares God blessings.  I have a teacher before who comes to school smiling and is generous in greeting students with a big smile.  She is a blessing to us through her smiles.  A blessing expert does not contain a blessing for himself.

5. Prays for blessings.  A blessing expert prays for blessings both for those who had already come and those to come. Our catechist taught us how to pray.  Pray to thank God.

6. Witnesses as God’s blessings.  Just like my teacher, Christians are called to be a blessing for others.

May your drams be blessed.

Randy T.

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