Thursday, 7 February 2013

How do you hear God? Listen.

Have you experienced when your father speaks to you heart to heart?  You feel uncomfortable because your father doesn't talk that much.  By his introduction, you could already feel that it is a serious talk and the more it makes you uncomfortable.

In my assignment before where I sometimes acted as a retreat facilitator, there is one  activity during the retreat which I don't want my participants to miss. It is a heart to heart talk to God.  What my retreatants would do is to find their own sacred place.  Next, they are going to write a conversation with God.  At first, participants feel like they are just the ones doing the dialogue but when the task is finished a lot of surprises were taking place.

In our busy lives, we often miss this opportunity to have a heart to heart talk with God. How do you talk to God?  First and foremost, listen!

Watch this video and allow God to talk to you.  

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