Saturday, 2 February 2013

What makes your child happy?

When I watch this video of my mentor preacher- Bo Sanchez, I remember my own childhood.  More than that , I remember my students, especially elementary and high school students, who long to have their father and mother to be with them.

Friends, watch this video. If you are a parent, this is really for you.

May your dreams be blessed.


  1. I really cried upon hearing what makes his son very very happy...I have to admit, when I was a child, that time with my dad playing guitar together and that time with my mom, cooking together..or even our time together on an evening after dinner listening to my parents jokes and stories...IS ALSO WHAT MAKES ME VERY VERY HAPPY...I can forget all the presents they gave me but I cannot forget all the times that we spent together...

  2. We are lucky to grow in a family where both parents stay with us as we grow. Some people don't have that luxury but I admire how they manage to make their presence felt. It might not be perfect but technology has given people like them the best alternative.