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Do you know the price of world peace?
My previous article was about living in peace.  I'm writing this article as a reaction on the news of today.  It was reported that for 2012 there were 325 confirmed or potential suicides among the US army.  "Our highest on record," commented Lt. Gen. Howard Bromberg, deputy chief of staff, manpower and personnel of the Army. What was more surprising was this number exceeded the deaths of the U.S. Army (219) and total military death (313) in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.  For more detailed information, go to this website (
Is this the price of world peace that the US Army is fighting in foreign countries?  According to Paul Sullivan, a member of the board of Veterans for Common sense, "As the service members return home and as the wars wind down, the mental trauma of war remains and there is an urgent need to make sure every service member receives a psychological evaluation upon returning home, and whenever a service member reaches out for help, the service member needs to receive it immediately."
In the history of war in any parts of the world, no one wins.  All are losers.  Sadly, the innocent people suffer the most.  This brings us to reflect on what is really the real meaning of peace?  

I remember my theology professor defining peace in many contexts.  Peace for military is the absence of war.  Peace in the family is the absence of quarrel.  Peace in society is the absence of criminality.  However, he added that peace is not just the absence of things.     Peace is experienced if there is the presence of love, unity and harmony. The real peace is the peace of God.

Moreover, I learned the meaning of peace when our other professor talked about the Kingdom of God.  He said that peace is the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God.  What is then is the kingdom of God.  The kingdom of God is when God reigns.  

Indeed, if we allow God to be our king, then His kingdom will dominate.  There are many kingdoms in our world today.  Again, learning from my college professors, the war is not about bad people. It is about oil. If people and nations fight for the world resources, there could be no peace.

The Kingdom of God is about sharing.  It is not about accumulating resources for future use, just like the war for oil, according to my professor.  The Kingdom of God is about love, unity and harmony.  God's kingdom is multiplying goodness to the world.  

The world does the opposite.  Instead of multiplying love, guns are multiplied.  Instead of spreading the Word of God, lies and evil news are proclaimed in mass media.  

The kingdom of God is about love.  Love begets love. In contrast, war begets war.  Evil begets evil.

It's time for world leaders to seriously think, reflect  and to consider God in their decisions and actions.  It is time for them to listen to the Word of God.  It might sound impossible considering the culture of death that is paralyzing the world today.  But where do we go if we want peace?

The price of peace is not achieved through war.
The price of peace is a result of the reign of God.
Peace is making the Kingdom of God present and alive in all countries, in each one's heart.

What about our individual lives?  Do we experience peace? Is there peace in our family?  Is there peace within us?

Last week, Rudy, a friend of mine, shared about his being brokenhearted.  For two week, he did not eat well.  He drank liquor, although he is not a drinker in the first place.  There was no peace in his heart until after two weeks when he came to his senses.  He cannot solve a problem with another problem.  How is he now?  They are back again.  

It's difficult to talk about peace if we don't even experience it in the first place.  

May your dreams be blessed.

Randy T.


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