Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pope's resignation is good for the Church

Everybody is talking about the sudden, unexpected and shocking resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.  I first learned through a text message from my former teacher.  The title of this article is my reply to him.  Let me explain it this way.

1. Human Limitation.  Most of the popes in the history of the Church did not resign.  They waited until they die.  Pope Benedit XVI saw his limitation.  He knew he could not anymore function effectively considering his old age and deteriorating health. 

2. Message of humility.  The pope’s action speaks volumes of his humility.  This should be emulated by other church leaders and all Catholics in general.  Power does not mean you hold on to it even if you are not anymore capable. 

3. Hope for the Church.  In any organization, having a new leader ushers full of promises.  There is expectation of change for the better. Having a new leader in the Catholic Church is a welcome development.  This is good news for the Catholic Church. There is so much to look forward to.

4. Controversy.  For sure a lot of anti-Catholics will take this development against the church.  Well, the Catholic Church had been through a lot of controversies.  God’s house will never be broken because it is His. Controversies are opportunities for the Church purification.  It has been like that in history.

5.Humanity of the Church. The pope’s resignation shows the humanity of the Church.  She is governed by human beings with limitations.  I for one salute the pope’s recognition of his weaknesses.  I hope other church leaders would also be in touch with their humanity and feel the real needs of the people.

6. Lessons learned.  There are many lessons Catholics will learn from the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.  Aside from the aforementioned ones, his resignation speaks of the true character of a leader.  His pure intention is for the good of the Church.  He does not want her to suffer because of his inefficiency.  How I wish our leaders both in the church and secular world will be reminded to set aside personal interest but instead work for the good of all.  I also hope this parcel of the history of the church would remind all Catholics to be humble. 

Thank you, Pope Benedict, for showing a good example.  The Church will continue to be guided by the Holy Spirit through your successor.

Thus, his recognition is indeed good for the church.

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