Friday, 1 February 2013

To whom do you go when you are so down?
After work this afternoon, I went home and immediately opened my facebook account.  Somebody posted a greeting mentioning "first Friday".  Oh, I'm again reminded that it's the first Friday of the month. I am a devotee to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and first Friday is the Sacred Heart day.  I felt not going to mass because I was not feeling well. But no, surfing the net is less important than honoring my refuge, strength, protector, giver and inspiration- The Sacred Heart of Jesus.
I noticed that compared before there are more people attending the first Friday mass now.  I also observed a good number of people wearing red t-shirts.  They were devotees of the Divine Mercy, very closely related to my devotion.  

But what is really the Sacred Heart devotion?  Well, I will not explain here in detail.  I would rather share how the Sacred Heart has influenced my life.  First, have you seen those devotees of Santo Intiero in Quiapo.  Honestly, I am always worried about the safety of the people when they participate in the procession. I am not like those people but I respect them.  That's their devotion.  It shows faith and how this image of God influences their life.  It reminds them of God who answers to all their needs.

Many are also devotees of the Sacred Heart because the image is a symbol of God's compassion.  The images is a welcoming image for those in crisis, trouble, in agony and in despair.  True to its nature, the Sacred Heart manifest the words of Christ saying, "Come to me all you who are weary, and I will refresh you."  

What an assuring words.  We see this in the image of the Sacred Heart.  My devotion is cultivated when I was in the formation house and later on as a religious brother.  The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the image of our compassionate God.  This has inspired me in my life, especially as a teacher.  A lot of times I need to swallow my pride to go down to the level of my students.  There are students, especially in the elementary and high school, who really need my patience.  I don't know when but there was a time in my teaching career when I stopped being bothered by the so called problematic students.  In fact, those naughty ones were my first priority.  That is compassion, inspired by the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

What about you?  Where do you go when you are so down?  Who is your refuge and comfort in times of grief?  If you look at the image of the Sacred Heart, you will be reminded that we have a God who is very compassionate. As a devotee of the Sacred Heart, you are assured that no matter what happens the God of compassion is your constant companion.
I've journeyed so many young people in pain.  Sometimes, I could hardly imagine why they need to suffer at their tender age.  I could not even see myself in their situation.  But these students survive.  Some of them are now very successful in life.  God will never abandon us, if only we accept HIS welcoming embrace.  That is the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  His image would inspire us to believe that there is God who is compassionate. Love is the language of God for God is love.

May your dreams be blessed.

Randy T

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