Thursday, 14 February 2013

Reflection on Valentine's Day
"Blessed are they who hope in the Lord" is the responsorial Psalm today.  Wonderful words for all of us who put our trust in the Lord for He is our great provider, protector and unconditional lover.  Incidentally, today is Valentine's day.  Before coming home, I saw a good number of girls bringing flowers, of course one of them is my wife.

But what do our responsorial Psalm and today's celebration have in common?  Hope.

The Lord is our hope.  Valentine's day is a day of love, a day where we hope for the best in all our relationships.  As long as a lover shows importance of this day to their loved one, there is hope. As long as a loved one receives a present like flowers or chocolates, there is hope in their relationship.  Just the thought that Valentine's day is meaningful for everyone shows signs of hope for a healthy and good relationship. 

I know that this morning two of my co-teachers give flowers to their wives who happen to be also working in our school.  They are giving hope to their wives and children.  They give good examples to their students.

Valentine's day is not only a day of love.  It is a day of hope.  But we should not forget that our ultimate hope is the Lord.

In the world where broken relationships of family, friends and loved ones are common, we can still hope for the better.  It is sad to think that many those in relationships are not seeing hopes in their lives.  According to Bo Sanchez, if you see the darker side in your relationship that's only 10%.  Don't forget that 90% is still there.

This  brings me to a video I just watched today in the internet.  It shows how people see things differently. At first, people didn't recognize the beautiful painting.  It looks ugly. The ending really surprises all, including me.

Message?  We just don't see ugliness in our lives or in any situation or relationship.  As long as there is love and hope beauty would eventually reveal.  Watch this one.

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