Friday, 1 February 2013

What is the secret of living in peace?
Today is Candelaria.  It is the feast of the presentation of the baby Jesus in the temple (a tradition of the Jews).  While the center of the story is about the baby Jesus, I am amazed of the one character of this whole story (Luke 2:22-40 or 2:22-32).

He is Simeon.  The moment he received Jesus in his hand he exclaimed "
29"Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word;
30for mine eyes have seen thy salvation
31which thou hast prepared in the presence of all peoples,
32a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and for glory to thy people Israel."

This is a story of Simeon who has been waiting to see the savior of Israel to come.  That was his mission and today's gospel shows the fulfillment of God's promise to his people.
What can we learn from Simeon in this story?

1. Living in peace.  He was waiting for a long time to hold he savior in his hand.  When the moment came, he knew he will live in peace.  Jesus is the prince of peace.  If we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we will be in peace.  What else do you look for if you have the prince of peace in your life who will guide you, inspire you and bless you?

2. Mission for others.  Obviously, Simeon was in awe upon seeing the baby Jesus.  He knew he will have peace that he waited for a long time.  But that was not only his peace.  In the gospel, Simeon was just as simple person in the temple and he knew that he has a purpose to receive a very important person. He knew in his heart that the baby Jesus will bring peace, prosperity and grandeur both for the gentiles and the people of Israel.  In other words, he has a mission for others.

3. Humility.  Simeon was a simple man.  He did not ask for credit for doing his job of receiving the Savior of the world. He remained humble and just sang a song of praise to God.  What about you?  Do you remain in the sidelines so that others will take the spotlight?  Do you remain in the background so that God will be the center of the universe?  It's sad to see preachers trying to make themselves popular instead of through them God will be known more. Our mission is to make Jesus known throughout the world.  We do this by the help of the Holy Spirit.  The credit goes to to the Holy Spirit who works wonders in us and in the Church.

4. Patience.  Simeon bwaited for long before the day came.  He is an example of a man of patience. This attitude is exemplified in his life because he was very determined of his mission in life.  In other words, he was patient because his dream, goal and focus was very clear.  We can learn from him.  Are you patient?  Is you patience connected with your faith?  Is it connected to your dream?

May the story of Simeon help us live in peace, work for others, remain humble and act with patience.

You may watch this short video of the Presentation of the Lord

May your dreams be blessed.

Randy T. 

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