Saturday, 23 February 2013

You can experience transfiguration (change for life)

Today is Transfiguration Sunday (Luke 9:28-36).

Today is also the last day of the retreat I am handling.  We are about to end with a ritual.  While the participants are having their snacks, I take the opportunity to write this article.

The transfiguration of Jesus is an inspiration for all retreatants for the following reasons:

1. God in the mountain.  The transfiguration of Jesus happened in a mountain- Mt. Tabor.  In the Bible, God’s dwelling is symbolized in a mountain just like the experience of Moses in Mt. Sinai and Jesus in Mt. Tabor.  Most of the retreat houses are in the mountain just like where we are now- Benedictine Nuns, Cogon, Digos City.  Being here is being with God.

2. Self-transformation.  Jesus’ face was transfigured in Mt. Tabor. It is the desire of all retreat masters, with God’s blessings, that retreatants will experience a sort of self-transformation or transfiguration.   In my experience, I am blessed to witness many of these experiencse as shared by the retreatants.

3. Commissioning.  The highlight of Jesus’ transfiguration is not on the change on his face.  Jesus did not remain in Mt. Tabor.  He came down and faced his fate in Jerusalem.  After the retreat, the last activity is a ritual.  It is a commissioning activity.  What they experience in the retreat will guide them in their day to day life. In our term, they are sent as apostles of compassion.

This is for the retreatants.  However, you don’t need to go on a retreat to experience transfiguration.  In our day to day activity, there are times that God will transform us according to His plan.

Some are being transformed by a book, movies or posts in the internet.  Some are transformed by a speaker, priest, pastor or seminar facilitator.

What we need is willingness to receive God’s transforming power. 

Let the transfiguration of Jesus become our inspiration to be sensitive to God’s interventions in our day to day living.


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  2. I always love this retreats and pilgrimage. Way back in high School we went to Pink sisters.It was really inspiring and unforgetable moment. Self-trasformation, at that moment I thought I could be a nun, I am considiring the Idea of entering the convent that time.
    Anyway for God Reasons, probably its not my call but it doesnt mean I stop there. I can still remember how my friends mock me when I enter the legion of mary before.why??because all the members are way beyond my age! I was 14 and all of them are married couples,80 % are grannies.,youth like my age, spend time in shopping and parties and disco etc.For someone like me who spend my time with the legions,they thought I was wierd and crazy!!yet I really found a peaceful place with them, its like my soul was pampered, I can share everything and the power of acceptance and willingness to be in Gods embrace.I found peace,tranquilty and happiness. Doing bible study, singing ang praising God and Mama Mary. I felt complete, Its God Transforming power...

  3. Oh really? That's interesting. Actually, I was a former religious brother. I've in the convent for 13 years.

    Yes, we do need spiritual nourishment. I had a good experience with my retreatants for the past 3 days. It was a wonderful experience to be used as God's instrument of His love and presence.

    Well, even if you are far away from home and dont have the spiritual group you used to have before, you can still find solace in anyway God would provide you.

    By the way, mentioning about the pink sisters, I usually brought my retreatants there. We usually had our retreats at the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, just above the Pink sisters

  4. great!! small world huh??!! wow, 13 years in convent??!! that is amazing.