Friday, 1 February 2013

How I wish I can go back to my childhood days

When was the time when you were free from worries?  When was the time you cared less of everything around you?  When was the time you just didn't care what the world is?

Of course, the obvious answer is your childhood days.  Free from stress. Free from problems.  Well, if ever they come, you can be assured of the loving care and guidance of the people around you, especially your parents.

One time I received a call from a former student.  He wanted to talk to me, ASAP.  Good I was not so busy in my office at that time.  I told her to come.  I thought it was just a 10 minute meeting considering I was on duty. It turned out to be a two-hour non-stop sharing, and non-stop listening from me.
Until now, i still wonder  if my listening ears would be enough to lessen the burden she was feeling.  I could not forget what she said, "How I wish it was like before when I was still your pupil, brother."  She still calls me brother until this time.

The song "Gaya ng Dati"  reminds me of her.  What pained me most was the thought that she could hardly get out from her immoral lifestyle.  Other than that, she knew she is hurting a lot of people but felt no guilt about it.  It was completely different before.  She wanted to go back.

In assessing here situation, I don't think I could really help her much.  I just pray that this song would touch the deepest core of her heart and she will eventually embrace God once again.
To you, my dear student, and to millions of people who are lost, listen and reflect on this song.  God is a welcoming God.  He is compassionate and merciful. That is our faith about God.  He is a Father. 

May your dreams be blessed.

Randy T.

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