Sunday, 10 February 2013

Where do you cast your nets of blessings? (How to receive God's blessings)

by Randy Tudy
In our gospel today, Jesus commanded the fishermen to cast their nets but the fishermen commented,   “We’ve done that the whole night but caught nothing.” Jesus persisted, “Cast your nets on the other side.”  The result?  Their nets were at breaking point.

How many of us are like the fishermen who are tired, frustrated and desperate?  How many of us despite all our efforts, energy, time and money still could not see ourselves succeeding?

Yesterday, for the first time I joined The Feast (I will explain more about this in my future articles) in Davao City.  Bro Pio gave the power talk which revolved around the message of being blessed.  His talk was an affirmation of my previous article on How can you become a blessing expert.

From the gospel of today and the sharing of Bro Pio, I will share to you the following reflections.

1. Hold your net.  Just like the fishermen in the Bible it is important to know that we are holding a net in order to catch fish.  We need to be familiar with it.  Wherever we are and whatever we do, we have to make sure our net is designed to catch blessings.  For example, our net could be our talent, skills, education, business, job or opportunities. 

2. Throw your net.  If we are aware of our own net, we need to discern where to throw it so that it will surely catch blessings.  Just like the fishermen, they were asked to venture into the unfamiliar territory by throwing on the other side.   We use our talent, skills, education, business, job or opportunities to be productive and to grow our blessings.  However, it should be shared or done in a proper place.  Four of my former students are good in the internet.  No, they don't play DOTA or any games.  Well, I supposed they also play before.  Now?  They throw their nets of blessings into the internet by working at home through online jobs.

3. Listen and follow.  Most of the successful people learned by listening and studying other successful people.  It is not enough to get hold of your net and throw in a proper place. We need to educate ourselves and learn from the experts.  That’s the reason why we go to school.  In our gospel, the fishermen listen to Jesus.

Friend, what is your net of blessing?  Where do you throw this net?  Whom do you listen and follow?

May your dreams be blessed.

Randy T

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