Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Are you happy and blessed? Learn the Christian secret.

Last Sunday new members of our Lady of Lourdes Confraternity or popularly known as Lourdes were formally accepted as part of the community.  The acceptance ceremony is different from the usual acceptance ritual.  The new members were not only accepted but also sent.  Thus, the ceremony could also be called a "Sending Forth ceremony."  As members of this Church-based organization, they were sent to live out the values and virtues of Mother Mary.
Today's gospel (Mark 6:7-13) is about the sending forth of the apostles.  They were sent by twos.  I could just imagine how excited these apostles were.  Thy cast out demons and healed sick people.  May be when they returned home they were comparing notes of the achievements they had.

But what does this sending forth really mean to the apostles and all of us followers of Jesus?  We got if by virtue of our Baptism and Confirmation.

First, being called is a blessing.  Not everyone is chosen.  For instance, only twelve apostles were chosen among Jesus' disciples.  We might not be called apostles but try to reflect your mission wherever you are.  If you are working in the office, you are called as a genuine Christian to witness the gospel values.

I remember a former student of mine.  Let's call him Rodel.  He was a very good student and was active in the Campus Ministry, an office which facilitates spiritual activities in the school.  After his graduation, he was fortunate to immediately land a job in a government office.  As a devout Christian, he religiously did his job.  Day by day, Rodel discovered some irregularities in the office.  For instance, he noticed that many of his office mates came in late, consistently.  However, the record in the Daily Time Record (DTR) which was still done manually did not reflect such violations. 

 He also noticed that some of his companions are not really doing their job well.  There were more that he observed as time went by.  One time he came late.  Instead of writing the correct entry, one of his companions taught him the practice that they do. This practice was stopped when the bandy clock was introduced.  However, the one who first came in will punch all the cards.  Problem solved.

Rodel was troubled by his conscience of the wrong practices in his office.  There was even a time he thought of quitting. However, he remained faithful.  In this case, Rodel lived up to his calling as Jesus' followers.  He is blessed by doing the right thing.  In fact, his life is better than his office mates though he received lower salary. Indeed, he is blessed.
Second, we are called to be happy.  Jesus did not go to Jerusalem in order to be persecuted and crucified.  He was happy doing his mission.  While he knew he is going to die, he also knew that it is not the end.  The celebration of Lent does not end on Good Friday.  The feast of all feasts in the Church is EASTER SUNDAY.  That is why Christians are called Easter people.  We look forward to resurrection.  That is the real meaning of happiness.

Christianity is a religion of blessings.  It is a religion with a generous God.
Christianity is a religion of happiness.  Christians are happy people and are called to make others happy.

If you want to be happy and blessed, live your life according to will of God.  Be a genuine Christian!

May your dreams be blessed.

Randy T

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