Monday, 4 March 2013

The POWER of God's LOVE
A popular preacher was approached by one those who attended his sermon.  “Father, you are so good.  Your message really touched my heart.”  The priest jokingly replied, “I am also beginning to believe what I have been preaching for so long.”

It was a joke but the preacher meant something.  In his explanation he said that the core of his message is always about love.  It is the same message repeated and repeated every time he preaches.

Well, have we also noticed that the whole Bible is about love. It is about God’s love to humanity.

It is His love the brought the Israelites from the slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land.  It is His love that Jesus came to be with us.  It is His love that the church continues to exist and brings us together as one big community.  It is His love that we are still alive and happy.

If we have God in our life, then we are full of love.  Let us be reminded by what St. Therese once said, “God alone suffices.”

Let us pray that we will be continually nourished and transformed by His love. 

Let this song remind of His power-LOVE.

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