Saturday, 23 March 2013

Celebrating Palm Sunday religiously

by Randy Tudy

I still remember as a young kid how excited I was during Palm Sunday.  Of course, it was fun seeing new things during this particular Sunday.  First, I really liked the palms with different designs.  One time I even made one, a cross, and I was so happy doing it.

In the Church, another something new was the way the gospel was read.  It was no only the priest but many people.

Today?  The same.  I still witness same practices.

Question?  With this routine and almost the same experience, do we still see meaning in the celebration?  In almost all homilies, the priest would always highlight the meaning of symbols and how these would inspire people to get closer to God.

The challenge for each Christian is to see the relevance of the celebration and all the symbols associated with it.  That is why Lent  is a time for prayer and reflection.

In order to deepen my point, watch this VIDEO and reflect on the seriousness and religiosity of Palm Sunday.


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