Sunday, 10 March 2013

Most trusted organizations by Filipinos

by Randy Tudy
True to its nature as the only Christian country in Asia, Filipinos put their trust on the Church more than the government.  In a study conducted by EON Stakeholder Relations in partnership with the Ateneo Graduate School of Business (AGSB), findings showed that the most trusted groups in 2012 for the general public were the Church (68.1 percent), the Academe (45.1 percent) and the Media (32.2 percent). Ranked as the least trusted in 2011 with a 7 percent trust rating, Government mustered a trust rating of 15 percent  in 2012, higher than NGOs (12 percent) and Business (8.9 percent).

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In the world full of complexities, people need organizations that they feel secure.  It is indeed a blessing that despite the lure of materialism and commercialism, Filipinos still have great respect for the Church.  Even if the church lost its battle against the RH bill, she remains committed to protect the sanctity of human life and the welfare of women and children.

What is also inspiring to know is Filipinos’ trust on the academe which ranked second.  The findings affirmed the importance of education.  The result also supported the notion of inculcating values being preached in the church into the educational mainstream. This is also the very reason why Catholic schools’ identity is closely attached to their relationship with the church.  In fact, Catholic schools are the privileged avenues where the church advances her education ministry.

Unfortunately, the survey only showed a mere 15% rating for the government sector. It’s election time in the Philippines.  It is the opportunity for Filipinos to elect the most trusted leaders who will truly serve the people and will become agents of bringing back the trust of the people to the government.

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