Friday, 8 March 2013

My visit to the Sistine Chapel (where the cardinals choose a new pope)

by Randy Tudy

The cardinals will begin the conclave on Tuesday.  Where?  Sistine Chapel.

Sometime in 2003 I was blessed enough to visit the Vatican.  To enter into the Vatican museum, of course you need to pay.  However, there are days (I’m not sure if it is still practiced this time) when the entrance fee is free.  I am not an art lover so my interest was just focused on the Sistine chapel.  From my own research, Sistine chapel is famous because of two things:  (1.) Painting of Michelangelo and (2.) The place where cardinals elect a new pope.

Know what happened?  It took me too long to reach the chapel.  Why?  Because there are just so many beautiful paintings, sculptures and among others along the way.  And… many people.
Upon arriving at the Sistine chapel, I was surprised how small it is.  It’s really just a chapel.  However, I was so amazed of the great work of art by Michelangelo.  It’s beyond my imagination.  For instance, how can he paint the ceiling? The paintings all over the chapel were really amazing.  By the way, it is not just about the paintings.  There’s a story on those paintings.  There’s even a funny anecdote that the picture of the devil is that of a cardinal or bishop who peeped into the Sistine Chapel before the whole painting was finished.  This angered Michelangelo and his face was there.

For more information about it, visit this site(

Friends, let us pray with our cardinals as they choose the new pope.  Let the will of God be done.

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